TEM ( Telecom Expenses Management )

What Is TEM?

temAt Abilita, we act as a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) consultant to businesses. Our skilled, unbiased analysis can be of immense value to decision makers, given the difficulty many businesses encounter when seeking trustworthy and accurate TEM support.


We assist with:

  • Bill audits
  • Vendor contract compliance
  • Management reporting
  • Expense allocation
  • Asset management
  • And more

We work closely with each client to design and implement a TEM solution that meets their unique business needs. We offer both in-house and outsourced solutions.


TEM Benefits

Some of the most important benefits of a successful TEM solution are:

  • Improved cost control: The TEM process helps you understand all of the costs related to the management of your wireless and wireline services, enabling you to better control these costs.
  • Gain visibility: Accurate reporting and cost allocating is vital to efficient budgeting of your expenses
  • Telecom asset tracking that facilitates moves, additions, and changes: Telecom asset tracking allows you to see what alternative technologies are available to enhance your capabilities and/or lower your current telecom costs.
  • Managed mobility: The TEM process enables you to proactively manage your mobile devices and wireless costs for optimized savings and policy compliance.
  • Management reports to identify usage and cost trends: Ensure competitive pricing and expose billing errors and waste. The TEM process enables you to see how your current prices compare to the best-in-class prices.
  • Reduced internal staff time to process, monitor, and track telecom expenses: Our consultants provide you with a set of recommendations designed to streamline your costs and inventory.


To learn more about our telecom expense management process and services, call us today at 1-888-836-4968.