Nermine Shaker


Nermine Shaker

Phone: (310) 793-0711


2310 Curtis Avenue, Suite B

Redondo Beach,
CA 90278 USA




Nermine Shaker has established the LA office as a leader in Abilita’s nation-wide network of telecommunications experts. Our focus is on delivering business solutions with bottom line results – real, measurable savings of time and money.



Like all Abilita offices, we accept no incentives from any communications providers, hardware or software companies. This independence allows our analysts to remain objective and to make the best possible recommendations for our clients.


Collectively, Abilita’s team of professionals have in-depth experience in every facet of the communications industry. We leverage this knowledge to ensure that clients receive the most professional and up-to-date information and support.


We provide a wide range of services from cost recoveries to project-based work to complete telecommunications expense management (TEM). Payment can be performance-based where fees are a share of actual (not projected) savings. Not only does this approach immediately improve our clients’ cash flow, but we follow through with implementation and oversight which saves clients time. In addition, a regimen of ongoing reviews ensure that future opportunities for savings and recoveries are never missed.


Abilita works with organizations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors.