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911 Cell Phone Bank provides an ongoing and readily available source of emergency cell phones and funds to various law enforcement and affiliated victims services agencies. Abilita works with their clients to recycle their wireless devices through 911 Cell Phone Bank. 


For details and information on how to donate your wireless devices, connect to http://www.911cellphonebank.org/





Telecom Software Solutions, developer of TAMS – Telecom Analysis and Management System, provides Abilita Consultants with a Telecom Expense Management platform.


It is a centralized repository and analysis tool used to identify ways to reduce client costs, generate savings proposals to clients, place change orders with telecom providers, track the savings resulting from the changes and to bill clients for savings on a contingency-fee basis.





Fluxcom has assembled a team of Industry Experts who are uniquely positioned to provide a service unheard of in the industry.  Fluxcom’s service provides Merchants with the ability to maximize efficiencies while minimizing the operational expense of accepting electronic payments without having to sacrifice existing relationships.  In such an oversaturated market it’s hard to know who to trust.  Here’s why some of the some of the most well known companies in the US have trusted Fluxcom to help them with their electronic payments solutions:


– Group of Ex-National Account and Major Account Executives who have negotiated national contracts with some of the largest companies in the US.

– Client Advocate, Independent and Objective

– Know every benchmark of cost at the wholesale level

– Knowledge of the intricate Interchange System

– Utilize methods to manipulate the competitive landscape and Interchange Rate Qualification System

– Post Audit Reviews / Error Checking / Cost Audits

– Enormous Buying Clout

– Will field calls from sales reps on your behalf, freeing up valuable time so you can focus on your business.


To get started, connect to http://www.flux-com.com/la0033.html




MCG Logistics is a global leader in logistics cost management and consulting services both domestically and internationally.  Since 1993, MCG’s knowledge and expertise has led us to successfully negotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in Freight and Small Parcel contracts without adversely impacting relationships or service levels.  MCG consistently delivers 10-25% cost reductions.  For further information, check http://www.mcglogistics.com/