Telecom Expense Management Solutions Aimed at Effective Cost Management

Telecommunication Strategy

solutionsAbilita’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) process remedies one of the most pressing challenges for business today: the limited time and resources available to dedicate to researching, understanding, reporting, and actively managing your telecom expenditures.


Once your telecom system has been right-sized for your needs through our Telecom Cost Optimization process, the TEM process can deliver reduced management costs and tremendous long-term value for your company through:

  • Improved cost control
  • Expense reporting
  • Allocation
  • Asset tracking
  • Contract compliance
  • Invoice verification


Managing Cost

We believe you should have everything you need and nothing you don’t. With that philosophy in mind, we have developed a number of solutions aimed at effective cost management:

  • Our needs analysis dives deep into the current environment, business needs/usage and ongoing or potential new directives.
  • Our offsite forensic-level telecommunications assessment and analysis by vendor, location and product enables us to assess correct billing, inventory and optimized network deployment.
  • We provide an audit and analysis of cost and usage reporting for telecommunications services; benchmark your current services and costs; and aggressively pursue all refunds or credits that you may be entitled to from billing or service errors or incorrect tax collections.
  • We provide a written analysis of your organization’s hardware and carrier services costs currently required to support the infrastructure and compare all costs to best-in-class prices.



We facilitate smooth integration and assistance with:

  • Project Planning and Implementation Assistance
  • Business Expansion or Downsizing
  • Mobile or Remote Office Creation
  • Office Moves and Relocations
  • System and Application Upgrades and Replacements



We provide a number of support options to ensure that your telecom costs remain optimized in today’s dynamic environment. These include:

  • Monthly error detection audits, which provide an on-going cost-optimized environment.
  • Contract renewal negotiation assistance to ensure a competitively driven price structure for services.
  • Enhanced Monthly Chargeback reports by department.
  • Client Advocate Program, in which we serve as an advocate for our clients on bill errors to maximize their returns on an ongoing monthly basis.



Our Independent Communications Technology Consultants determine the risk inherent in whatever telecommunications services you select, and they use strategic planning and process review to mitigate risks. We help our clients prepare for:

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Reporting and Compliance
  • Telecommunications Security and Fraud Protection
  • Telecommunications Network Lifecycle Planning and Management


Asset Management

Managing telecommunication services presents a minefield of challenges, including complex pricing schemes, ever-changing costs, the variable nature of each individual’s usage, and an increasingly mobile workforce. We can help you manage your assets with:

  • Enhanced Monthly Chargeback reports by department
  • A five-year communication strategy plan to match technology with needs to meet business objectives.


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